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Saunak Bhatta

I am Grateful to have you read this. I don't know who is inside of you but right now I can find myself in your head. With thankfulness, let's begin the honesty!

Honestly, I still don't have the best words to define the self but I can try. I love exploring the nature of life and that course helps me understand my deeper self further more. I am in the process of knowing, known a little, much to know.

I love to discover, understand, explore and then share the best possible truth, deeper analysis and higher perspective's of life in my own genre, in multiple ways. In two words, I am an observer and an actor of life, observer because I like to see things a little deeper, actor because just like everything else, I am in motion, in action. I am always willing to live a life of exploration, insight, creativity, authenticity, fun-craziness and depth. These words define my usual nature and desires. Professionally I am a Trainer, Speaker, Life Upgrading Coach, Knowledge Disseminator, Question Raiser and Life-Behavioral Analyst.

But there's something I most tell you, the beautiful words above neither define my complete self nor those powerful words completely reflect the imperfect me. But those words have the responsibility of highlighting my positive aspects in front of you, also they aim to describe me in the best possible way. I thank these words for allowing me to dissolve in you, now let the chemistry evolve on it's own way…  

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7 domains of Saunak Bhatta
Training & Camps

Saunak Bhatta is a professional Trainer, who designs Impactful Trainings, Courses, Camps for Corporations, Students and Professionals of diverse tracks with an objective of uplifting their Story of Life.

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Peak Stage Seminars

Saunak is more commonly known for his Peak Stage Seminars, with Large Audiences, Extreme Energy, Rocking Music and Moving Perspective's for a Peak State of Mind.

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Download Meditation Tape

Download Free Meditation Tape, created and voiced by Saunak Bhatta to help your psychology, mindset, inner soul and spiritual seed grow and prosper.

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Get instant access to the big library of Videos created by Saunak Bhatta. Educational, Inspirational, Informational, Metaphorical, Critical and Powerful Video Series.

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Fill your heart with the written interpretation, opinion, thought and perspective of Saunak Bhatta compiled as a blogpost. Chapters of Psychology, Philosophy and a touch on the Ocean of Life.

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Online Courses

Saunak has created some powerful Online Courses to help individuals reflect and strengthen their emotional journey and mindset.They are Reflective, Intellectual and Insightful.

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Personal Coaching

Saunak Offers Personal Coaching to individuals in need. The coaching helps to gain Higher Performance or Psychological Well-being or better Life Strategies

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Do you want to uplift your life?

Communication and Public Speaking

One of the crucial skill to win, to set, to practice, to learn and to master, is definitely Communication and Public Speaking Skill.

Saunak Bhatta trains individuals, corporate houses and different teams to master the art of Communication and Public Speaking skill which is essentially used in a tons of walks of life.

Leadership and Champions Mindset

A Mindset needs to be Mind Fertile, a mindset needs to be mind open, that is the beginning of learning a new science.

The Leadership and Champions Mindset is designed for students, teachers and corporate teams, who often consider themselves as followers of their system while human mind already has great leadership qualities.

Outdoor Leadership Program

Outdoor Leadership Program offer's an opportunity to challenge the physical, mental and physical limitation of individuals and teams. They go through adventurous trail, tasks, treasure haunt challenges and definitely out of their comfort zone. The course enables participants to understand their limitation, inuilts passion and excitement in their psychological

Students Transformational Course

The STC is exclusively designed for students of any kind. The course allows students to discover their inner potential, talent, helps them to understand their interest, their unique character, their strengths-weaknesses, values, beliefs and helps them to craft their broad vision and develop specific goals. This course helps in an overall

Training of Trainers/Teachers

This heading consists of two major training systems- Training of Trainers and Teachers Training Program. Training of Trainer's is all about learning art of training. Thinking, looking, perceiving like a trainer and with consistent practice becoming a certified Trainer. The Training of Trainer's includes the following- Concept of Training

Mindfullness And Inner Discovery

The Mind is full and the Mind if fool, why not dissolve the same mind in the experience of Mindfulness in order to experience the beauty a Mind can go through.
The Mindfulness and Inner Discovery is an exclusive experience within the realms of undiscovered Mind and beyond sometimes.

Corporate Retreat Program

An exclusive corporate program that amplifies learning experience with memorable fun filled and excitement activities that sets a life long memory in the heart and mind of the participants.
The corporate retreat package defers from client to client but mainly it addresses the factors such as motivation, passion at work,

Advance Team Building

The bigger the ambition the smarter has to be the team. The Advance Team Building program applies to every organization, institution, from corporate agencies, UN agencies to Schools and Colleges. It brings teams together and gives them the experience of becoming a revised upgraded mission centered unified

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For your Training, Seminar, Coaching or else....

You can join hand in hand with us or hire Saunak Bhatta for your program which can e either online or offline. Variety of Trainings, Life Coaching, Impactful Seminars of partnership of any other kind.

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